Bierkeller 2.2.0 released

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It is now easier than ever to get beer in your beer cellar. If you share your beer cellar with friends using the Share feature, they can import the individual beers with a simple touch.

This also works with single bottles. But there is a new feature that allows you to share single bottles on social channels. A link is created that leads to a webapp. From there you can open and import the beer in Untappd or in the Bierkeller app.

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Bar Code Scanning

An often requested feature is finally available in this version via a small workaround. With the help of the shortcut app and this shortcut you can easily scan beers from the untappd app and open them in Bierkeller. Just import the shortcut.

Better sorting and searching

If you sort by breweries, beer styles or countries, the beers are now sorted alphabetically. The sorting will also remain the same when you restart the app.

You also have the possibility to search for beer styles in your cellar. For a tasty IPA just search for “IPA”.

Bierkeller 2.0 released